Elliott Wave Principle
Key to Market Behavior

By Award Winning Analyst and Best Selling Author
Robert Prechter & A.J Frost
(Third Printing)

This Wall Street bestseller is the most useful and comprehensive guide to understanding and applying the Wave Principle. A groundbreaking investment classic, Elliott Wave Principle is hailed by reviewers as the "definitive textbook on the Wave Principle." 

What you'll learn:

The basic tenets of wave analysis: Simple explanations of the terms, and how to identify all 13 waves that can occur in market price movements.

The rules and guidelines of wave analysis: Basics of counting waves, how to recognize the "right look" of a wave, plus lots of simple steps for applying the rules.

The mathematical background of the Wave Principle: Learn how Elliott waves and Fibonacci mathematics intersect in price prediction.

How the Wave Principle unlocks human history, from the fall of the Roman Empire through the Middle Ages into the financial upheavals of the 20th Century.

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