Who We Are
Market Harmonics (owned & operated by T. Carrion & Co., LLC) was founded by market technician Tony Carrión in 2000 as a stock, commodity & forex research and advisory service.   Along with expertise in technical indicators and Elliott Wave analysis, Market Harmonics has specialized in market sentiment analysis since inception, offering decision-support services to both institutional and investors users via subscriptions, as well as on-demand and contracted services.   Founder Tony Carrión has developed various proprietary indicators of market sentiment followed globally, as well as an unweighted average of major currencies against the US dollar called the UMCA.  Market Harmonics has been recognized by various entities over the years for its market sentiment work, including the Center for Investor Confidence in Washington, DC.   Mr. Carrión also provided commentary and charts for Businessweek online’s “Stock Trader” newsletter.  Most recently, both he and Market Harmonics were acknowledged in Michael Sincere’s new book All About Market Indicators (McGraw Hill, 2011).  Mr. Sincere is a columnist for Dow Jones’ MarketWatch.

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am at your website and the information you provide."
Tom Karol, Director
The Center for Investors' Confidence

"Market Harmonics has the most thorough
 and insightful charts on the web."
Carol Vinzant, Editor
Business Week Stock Trader

When it comes to critical decision making – Market Harmonics

Research Approach
There is a strong body of evidence showing that investor sentiment is the driving factor behinds price movement.  Extremes in sentiment become the tipping point for changes in market direction.

We are specialists in analyzing and tracking these investor behavioral trends.  We take a technical approach in our analysis, utilizing a combination of probabilistic fractal models derived from Elliott Wave analysis and sentiment measures we’ve developed to forecast trend continuity, specific price targets – and perhaps most importantly –  probable points of trend reversal.

These methods can be applied to individual stocks, industry sectors and ETFs and indices, as well as commodities/futures and the forex spot markets.

How Our Services Can Help You
Through our specialized technical analysis, we can complement any existing research your firm may be utilizing, offering diversity in your critical investment decision making.  You will find our technical approach especially valuable as part of your informational arsenal in assessing strategic  and tactical choices.  Research and consulting services include:

* Individual ReportsPer your preference, these can cover individual issues, sectors & markets, commodities and currencies.

* Tracking & Monitoring We can track a group of your holdings as assigned to alert you to changes or opportunities that could impact your portfolio.  Depending on your needs, we can recommend various short and intermediate term strategies that may involve a combination of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), as well as the use of options where appropriate.  Our techniques can be used for tactical asset allocation and market timing.  If desired, we can actively monitor your portfolio and market conditions for emerging opportunities.

Contact Us
We look forward to discussing how we can be of service.  For research samples and inquiries please contact Tony Carrión at TCarrion@market-harmonics.com.