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October 10, 2017







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Can Gold Still Glitter?

This month we look at gold. With those calling for a massive rise in price following an expected (and probably inevitable) meltdown in the credit markets, and a disruption of the currency markets, the Elliott Wave trends in gold may be suggesting otherwise.



Since spot gold's $1046 low in December 2015, it has been rallying in what we count as a wave ((B)) retracement. It's not the start of a bull market in Elliott terms, but instead a count-trend move within an unfinished bear market. The wave pattern that appears to be tracing out off the low is a contracting triangle. Under the Elliott Wave model, within a contracting triangle, the pattern narrows between a series of lower highs and higher lows, until price thrusts out in the direction of the larger, underlying trend. In gold's case, that would be below $1046 to complete wave ((C)) of the bear market.


While that outcome isn't engraved in stone, the failure to produce a rally above $1400 after nearly two years, along with the mostly sideways trend, make a strong argument for this interpretation. It would suggest gold is unlikely to produce a high above $1357 and is more likely to resume its bear trend. A retracement towards the $682 low of 2008 wouldn't be out of the question.


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