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"Market-Harmonics has the most thorough and insightful charts on the web."
Carol Vinzant, Editor, BusinessWeek Stock Trader

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am at your website and the information you provide."
Tom Karol, Director
The Center for Investors' Confidence

"The most valuable aspect of your trading service are the low risk, stress free trades that are clearly defined for each commodity. Thank you.....the analysis and charts are superb."
From AHB

"Tony, I look forward to your updates. Your analysis of elliott wave and trend reversals is uncannily accurate."
From TG

"After some 20 years of "practicing" Elliott, I have completed about one year (+/-) of reading your material.  My conclusion is that your work is probably the most sensible and accurate out there. "
From CL

"I love your website. I know when someone has something that makes sense and not a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo."
From GC

"I have enjoyed your excellent service for several months now, and find it very eductional and superior to most, especially in your sentiment work."
From M

"Thank you. This is an excellent report. You have a great service!"
From DS

"I have subscribed to your service and found it is quite interesting and I can make some money." 
From MS

"I thank you for expanding my awareness and I look forward to learning from someone who has such a clear and logical outlook that cuts through the smoke and mirrors and gets to the heart of the matter. Well done!"
From RD

"Tony, You run a good solid service based on diligent hard work."
From GT

"Reading through your website has been an eye-opener: your sentiment measurements are very helpful. Especially useful for me was your Options Tutorial. "
From RF

"Enjoy your articles very much every week and I've learned so much from you. Thanks again."
From SW